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21st Anniversary Championship Show 30th September 2017
Judge Mrs. Anne Falconer U.K. (Siatham Golden Retrievers)


Baby Puppy Dog  1/0

1.            Oceanviews What Times Lunch  J.Bliss

 Puppy Dog  3/1

1.            Oceanviews Double O Seven  J.Bliss

2.            Fantango Reach For The Sun  Pat.Middleton

 Intermediate Dog  2/0

1.            Kaparla Call The Cops (AI)  Pat. Middleton

2.            Kaparla From The Flight Deck (AI) J.  Laker

 State Bred Dog  2/0

1.            Gr.Ch. Tweedwater Royal Fusilier  J. & D. Wadsley

2.            Tashanbrue Eager to Fly  L.Rand

 Australian Bred Dog  4/0

1.            Ch. Oceanviews Happy Days  J.Bliss

2.            Ch Giltedge Do You Like Apples  K.Handley/S. Stephens

3.            Ch. Kiriel In My Fathers Eyes  E. Mitchell

 Open Dog  4/1

1.            Sup. Ch. Chaleur Hilfiger  R.Thompson

2.            Ch. Fantango Playing The Game (AI)  Paul.Middleton/J.Salvestrin

3.            Ch. Kiriel IL Divo     E. Mitchell.

 Veteran Dog +7 Years  1/0

1.            Ch. Larbellah Team Leader  K.Handley/D.Petterwood

 Dog Challenge                               Supreme Ch. Chaleur Hilfiger

Reserve Dog Challenge                  Ch. Fantango Playing The Game (AI)

 Baby Puppy Bitch 1/0

1.            Oceanviews Puddle Duck  J.Bliss

 Minor Puppy Bitch  1/0

1.            Kiriel Kiss For Pink  E. Mitchell

 Puppy Bitch 1/0

1.            Tweedwater Bohemian Rhapsody  P. Stevenson

 Junior Bitch  4/2

1.            Ch. Chaleur Say My Name (AI)  R. Thompson

2.            Goldalke Change The Story  J. Grierson

 Intermediate Bitch  3/2

1.            Giltedge When The Cats Away  K.Handley/D. Petterwood

2.            Naragold Coco Chanel (AI)  J. Grierson

 State Bred Bitch 4/3

1.            Goldlake Springtime Story  J. Grierson

2.            Oceanviews Take Meto The Plaza  J.Bliss

3.            Ch. Kaparla Luna Mission  K. Gardner

 Australian Bred Bitch 4/0

1.            Ch. Goldlake Happily Ever After  J. Grierson

2.            Oceanviews Thats Amore  J. Bliss

3.            Ch. Tweedwater Lady Marcia  P. Stevenson

 Open Bitch 6/3

1.            Gr.Ch. Fantango Stack The Deck  Paul.Middleton/J. Salvestrin

2.            Ch. Naragold Georgie Girl  J. Grierson

3.            Ch. Thorclan Odds On Favourite  S. Charlton

 Bitch Challenge                      Gr.Ch. Fantango Stack The Deck

Reserve Bitch Challenge         Giltedge When The Cats Away

 Neuter Dog 1/1

1.            Neut.Ch. Goldlake Cause Im Happy  C. Grubb

 Neuter Bitch 3/3

1.            Ch.Neut.Ch.Beaucroft Faith In You And Me  E.Mitchell

2.            Ch. Kaparla Total Recall  J.Laker

3.            Kaparla Raise The Bar  S. Charlton

 BEST IN SHOW                                Gr. Ch. Fantango Stack The Deck

Runner Up BEST IN SHOW              SUP.CH. Chaleur Hilfiger

Baby Puppy In Show                           Oceanviews What Times Lunch

Opposite Baby Puppy In Show           Oceanviews Puddle Duck

Minor Puppy In Show                         Kiriel Kiss For Pink

Puppy In Show                                   Tweedwater Bohemian Rhapsody

Opposite Puppy In Show                    Oceanviews Double O Seven

Junior In Show                                    Ch. Chaleur Say My Name (AI)

Intermediate In Show                          Giltedge When The Cats Away

Opposite Intermediate in Show           Kaparla Call The Cops (AI)

State Bred In Show                             Goldlake Springtime Story

Opposite State Bred In Show             Gr.Ch. Tweedwater Royal Fusilier

Australian Bred In Show                    Ch. Goldalke Happily Ever After

Opposite Aus Bred in Show               Ch. Oceanviews Happy Days

Open In Show                                     Gr.Ch. Fantango Stack The Deck

Opposite Open In Show                      Sup.Ch. Chaleur Hilfiger

Best Veteran In Show      Ch. Larbellah Team Leader

Best Neuter In Show                           Ch.Neut.Ch. Beaucroft Faith In You And Me (AI)

Opposite Neuter In Show                    Neut.Ch. Goldlake Cause Im Happy


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