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Many thanks to the Golden Retriever Club of Tasmania for having me judge your show, thanks also to all the competitors for your goldens.  I found the standard of your goldens very high, temperament was very good, heads in males, good male heads, some lacking a little in strength or a little feminine.  Bone and muscle very good,  pigment very good, dentition very good, movement at rear very good, front movement I found was pinning in, overall balance was very good.  The top winning goldens I rate as excellent.  It was great to judge your goldens, good luck to you all, Peter Andrews.





1.  Trigolden High Country (Chaleur High N Mighty/Ch Trigolden One and Only)

Very good head at this stage, very good bone, very good movement for one so young, overall very good for the future.


2.  Kaparla Under Pressure (Ch Giltedge Blackwatch/Chaleur Wearing Prada)

Not quite as good a head as number 1, but the future is good for this one at this young age.  Good in movement, good bone and muscle again at this stage, good for the future.


3.  Kaparla Air Supply (Ch Giltedge Blackwatch/Chaleur Wearing Prada)

Again, good all over, would like to see the feet a little better, should improve with age.





1.  Dunfriar The Brave (Ch Golden Rose Bays Drummerboy/Ch Toriade Timsbury)

Well balanced head, good bone, good feet, good body, very good movement for age.


2.  Giltedge Band of Brothers (Ch Erinderry Just The Ticket from Bluewaters JW/Ch Giltedge Angel Dust)

Good all over, good future, did not move as well as number 1.





1.  Fetchnpoint Whatz In It For Me (Ch Giltedge Blackwatch/Gr Ch Yellowfetch Whatzit To U)

Very good head, very good front and rear, well balanced young dog, movement very good, excellent future..


2.  Kiriel Heavens Leader (Ch Larbellah Take The Lead/Fernfall Beyond Heaven)






1.  Ch Larbellah Take The Lead (Ch Acacian Special Event/Ch Giltedge Angel Dust)

This dog took my eye with what a golden should be.  Very good head also well balanced, very good bone and muscle, very good cat feet, very good length of neck, good ribbing, very good top line on the stack and in movement, very good tail set, excellent in balance all over, excellent in movement.  CC dog and BIS


2.  Kaparla Nightwatchman (Gr Ch Tulzean Autumn Tango/Xanthos Are You Talking To Me)

Very good all round, good movement, good bone and muscle, good feet, good tail set.  Would like a stronger head for a male.


3.  Trigolden Sunbronze (Ch Fernfall Sea Legend/Ch Trigolden One and Only)

Good head, bone and muscle ok, feet good, good all round, but would like better movement





1.  Ch Oceanviews Got To Luv Me (Kellyvix Gold Pirate/Ch Swifttreve Celebration)

Good head, well balanced body, bone and muscle very good, good feet, very good movement front and rear.


2.  Ch Kaparla Wicketkeeper (Gr Ch Tulzean Autumn Tango/Xanthos Are You Talking To Me)

Good head, good balance all over, number 1 just out moved this one today.





1.  Ch Larbellah Team Leader (Ch Acacian Special Event/Ch Giltedge Angel Dust)

Good head. Good bone, good muscle, good feet, well balanced all over, very good movement.


2.  Ch Fernfall Above N Beyond (Ch Perrecca Unprecedented/Fernfall Beyond Paradise)

Good all round, not as good as number 1 in movement, but still a dog of good balance. 





1.  Ch Giltedge Blackwatch (Ch Standfast DreamTicket From Kerrien/Yellowfetch Pixiedust)

This dog has a lot going for him, just a well balanced dog all over, just a little out at shoulder, but still had good reach and drive, due to his very strong typical male outline and overall balance and has very good movement. Res CC


2.  Arangold Matchmaker (Arangold The Connoisseur/Ch Arangold Make Sure)

This dog was out of condition today, found him fine in the head for a male, movement was ok.




1.  Goldlake Once Upon A Time (Ch Acacian Special Event/Ch Goldlake Summer Breeze)

Very well balanced all round, very good head for one so young; bone, feet and muscle ok, movement good, very promising future.





1.  Giltedge Evita (Ch Larbellah Take The Lead/Ch Giltedge All About Mary)

Very good all over balance for a puppy, very good female head, good movement front and rear.  Very good future for this puppy.





1.  Kaparla Winner Takes All (Ch Kaparla Wicketkeeper/Ch Kaparla Guilty As Charged)

Very good balance all over, good female head, movement was very good.


2.  Larbellah Red Hot Ruby (Ch Kaparla Wicketkeeper/Larbellah Cheer Leader)

Very good head, very well balanced, good bone, muscle, and feet, a bit off on movement today.


3.Oceanviews Top Totty (Ch Xanthos Fletcher Christian/Ch Swifttreve Celebration)

Good all round, good head, good bone, muscle and feet, like to have better movement front and rear.





1.  Ch Beaucroft Fait Acompli (Ch Acacian Special Event/Ch Fantango Whata Girl Wants)

Very good female head, very good bone, muscle and feet, very good in body and topline, excellent in all over balance, this bitch caught my eye for very good movement.  BCC RUIS





1.  Oceanviews Southern Belle (Ch Oceanviews Got To Luv Me/Swifttreve The Snow Queen

Good head, good balance all over, very good movement front and rear.


2.  Goldlake Sweet Dreams (Dreammax Grandmothers Prospect/Ch Goldlake Summer Breeze)

Good head, good front, but feet a little pointed and small, good movement.


3.  Kaparla Hark The Herald (Ch Golden Rosebays Drummer Boy/Chaleur Wearing Prada)

A little fine in head, bone work ok, a little long in back, movement ok.





1.  Ch Beaucroft Sorrento Sun (Ch Dream Ticket From Kerrien/Taumac Golden Crystal)

Good head, good bone and muscle, but would like to see better cat feet, a bit pointed in the front, movement ok.


2.  Oceanviews Love Love Me (Kellyvix Gold Pirate/Ch Swifttreve Celebration)

Good head, good bone and muscle, good body would like better movement, a bit close in front.





1.  Ch Swifttreve Celebration (Ch Goldtreve Camrose Kraka/ Ch Willowlawn Brocade)

Very good female head, good balance all over.  Good bone, muscle and feet  Good top line, good movement front and rear.


2.  Ch Goldlake Summer Breeze (Gr Ch Tulzean Autumn Tango/Ch Kaparla Such Is Life)

Good head, good over all balance.  Bone, muscle, feet all ok, moved ok.


3.  Gr Ch Yellowfetch Whatz It To U (Dewmist Silversong/Yellowfetch Whatz Up)

Again a good head, good body work, good bone front and rear, also good feet, would like better movement front and rear.




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