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Saturday 8th March 2014




                  JUDGE :   Dr Helen Almey U.K. (Arbutus Golden Retrievers

       BEST IN SHOW    Kaparla Got Your Back (AI)                 


RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW   Aust Ch. Burragundy Brace Yourself ET

Dog Challenge    Aust Ch. Burragundy Brace Yourself ET

Reserve Dog Challenge Oceanviews Happy Days

Bitch Challenge Kaparla Got Your Back (AI)

Reserve Bitch Challenge Aust. Ch. Fetchnpoint You and Whose Army (AI)  

Baby Puppy In Show  Goldlake Springtime Story

 Minor Puppy In Show   Oceanviews Hotter Than July

Opposite Minor Puppy In Show   Oceanviews Och Aye

Puppy In Show   Blazedngold Game On

Opposite Puppy In Show   Beaucroft Both Sides Now (AI)

Junior In Show   Giltedge Cat Got Your Tongue

Opposite Junior In Show   Blazedngold Industrious One

Intermediate In Show   Aust. Ch. Fetchnpoint You and Whose Army (AI)  

Opposite Intermediate In Show   Aust Ch. Kaparla Formula One (AI)

State Bred In Show   Kaparla Got Your Back (AI)

Opposite State Bred In Show   Oceanviews Happy Days

Australian Bred In Show  Aust Ch. Burragundy Brace Yourself ET

Opposite Australian Bred In Show   Beaucroft Devil Wears Prada

Open In Show Aust Ch. Beaucroft Fait Accompli

Opposite Open In Show Aust Ch. Larbellah Team Leader

Veteran In show Aust Ch. Blazedngold Inocent Eyes

Opposite Veteran In show Aust Grand Ch. Giltedge The Poet

Neuter In Show Aust Ch. Goldlake Summer Breeze

Critique: Dr Helen Almey (Swd)

Tasmanian Golden Retriever Club


If someone had told me when I first entered the ring at the age of 10 with a Golden Retriever that I would be in Tasmania judging I don’t think I would have believed it. I would like to thank you all for the honour of judging your lovely show– truly a highlight of my career in dogs.


I was very impressed with the high quality of the entry, you have world-class dogs that would win anywhere. The dogs without exception had superb temperament. Had I been grading as we do in Europe just about the whole entry would have been classed as Very Good or Excellent.


I look for a workmanlike dog with no exaggeration that looks as if it could do a day in the field so is steady and economical in its movement. I like a balanced head with an intelligent gentle expression and a strong neck that would allow a dog to carry game. Today many met these criteria. Overall construction was excellent, although a few could have had a little more shoulder angulation and some over extended behind for me. One observation if I may…. a number of coats were soft & silky rather than having the desired water proof double coat and I felt there was perhaps a slight tendency towards “flashiness & glamour” with more attention being paid to side gait than front & rear movement. Please don’t loose sight of the workmanlike unexaggerated dog in the desire to compete in group/BIS rings.


Thank you so much to the organising committee, my stewards & the “backroom” helpers and of course, you the exhibitors and dogs for a truly memorable show. Also thank you for the stunning book which I will treasure. I so hope to return to your wonderful part of the world one day.


Baby Puppy D (1,1 abs)


Minor Puppy Dog (1,1)


  1. Bliss’s OCEANVIEWS OCH AYE – 8 months, immature as you would expect at this age, well grown and now needs to fill into his body, masculine head with excellent pigment, good neck & shoulder, correct length of back, sufficient hind angulation, good bone & feet. Moved truly with good drive. Had to give way to his more forward litter sister for Best Minor Puppy.


Puppy Dog (3,1)


Two at very different stages of development


  1. Binns’s BLAZENGOLD GAME ON- raw boy of 11 months, good proportions with good depth of chest, pleasing head with good pigment, good feet, still needs to develop in quarters but moved very well which gave him the edge today. Best Puppy


  2. Wadsley HEATHBROOK ON MY OWN- more mature dog, lovely happy temperament with a masculine head, good neck and shoulders, excellent bone, needs to firm up in hind movement but at 10 months has plenty of time.


Junior Dog (2,0)


  1. Stephens, Hadley & Platt’s GILTEDGE CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE -14 mths, lovely balance, excellent bone & good condition, masculine head with good pigment, good topline, well angled fore & aft good drive but still needs to tighten in front. Best Junior


  2. Jeffrey’s GOLDLAKE ITS ABOUT TIME – pleasing dog, with good pigment, good proportions but at just a year still needs time, moving a little heavily in front today.


Intermediate Dog (4,0)


  1. Morrison’s Aust CH KAPARLA FORMULA ONE –Well balanced with pleasing head and expression, lovely eye shape, good topline and quarters, won this class on movement.


  2. Evans’s KAPARLA ME MYSELF AND I – this boy caught my eye, clearly meal in head, good neck and shoulder, good topline, well bent stifle, moved well in profile but tending to be a bit wide in front today.

  3. Grierson’s BEAUCROFT SHOW ME THE WAY – different type to the two in front, typical in many ways, good shoulder and topline but rather over angulated in quarters for me.




  1. BLISS'S  OCEANVIEWS HAPPY DAYS- masculine boy, in lovely coat and condition, pleasing head and expression, very nice proportions, good shoulders quarters and topline, good bone feet and strong pasterns, his accurate movement with good drive gave him the win here. At 3 years mature but still needs another 6-12 months to really hit his prime. Reserve CC today but I am confident will soon get his title.


  2. Morrisons NZCH AUST SUPREME CH KAPARLA WICKETKEEPER – 6 years really like this dogs type, well balanced & unexaggerated, in good coat and condition, just not the hind movement of 1 today.

  3. Wadsley’s TWEEDWATER ROYAL FUSILIER – nicely balanced boy in excellent coat and condition, good proportions, at only 2 years giving a lot away in age and just moving a bit wide behind today.



Australian Bred Dog (5,2)


  1. Stephens’s Aust CH BARRAGUNDY BRACE YOURSELF ET- masculine head with typical appealing expression, nice eye, well balanced with good neck and shoulders, good topline, well set on tail, well bent stifles with well let down hocks, excellent bone, moved accurately with drive. In absolutely top form. Pleased to award him the CC & RBIS.


  2. Evans’s AUST CH KIRIEL HEAVENS LEADER – another very pleasing dog, who was not helping his handler today, really liked his head & expression, typical in outline & correct angulation. Just not getting it together on the move.

  3. Hadley & Cooke’s AUST CH GOLDEW SOUTHERN SUN- nature boy with dark gleaming coat, correct proportions, good strong neck, excellent topline, good drive in profile.


Open Dog (4,0)


  1. Hadley & Petterwoods AUST CH LARBELLAH TEAM LEADER – in a competitive class was the one who pulled it together. Typical outline, balanced head, good neck, excellent shoulders, level topline, strong well angulated quarters, moved good drive. In good coat of correct texture.


  2. Evan’s AUST CH FERNFALL ABOVE N BEYOND TD – another nice boy, 7 years like the winner so still in his mature prime. Very much the type I like in head, nice proportions and good quarters, moved really well – accurate and 2. Just preferred 1’s shoulders which were the deciding factor today.

  3. Bliss & Brown’s AUST CH OCEANVIEWS SOUTHERN STAR – really liked this dog and thought he would be my winner, lovely head with a kind intelligent expression, really well made, in excellent condition. Not co-operating with his handler at all on the move and in tough competition had to pay the price. I gather it was a new partnership so once “bonded” I’m sure they will have better days.



Veteran D

  1. Beaucroft Kennels & Wadsley’s AUST GRAND CH GILTEDGE THE POET – nearly 10 but could hold his own against the younger boys. Balanced head with gentle expression, good neck, topline and well angulated behind, good bone and correct feet. Moved with drive and enthusiasm.


Baby Puppy B (2,0)


Very difficult decision

  1. Grierson’s GOLDLAKE SPRINGTIME STORY – nearly 5 months and a really promising young lady. Sweet head and expression well made with a balanced out line. Moved accurately and true. Liked her correct bone & substance. If she continues on these lines should have a good future.


  2. Wadsley’s HEATHBROOK DARE TO DREAM – what a composed young lady. Just 3 months and showing as if she has done it for 3 years. Difficult to fault and not much you would want to change at this stage. Another I am sure will have a good future.


Minor Puppy B (1,0)


  1. Bliss’s OCEANVIEWS HOTTER THAN JULY- very pretty promising young lady, like her size and balanced unexaggerated construction, correct height to length with a level topline, good bone, nice tight feet. Moved very well for age with excellent drive. Best Minor Puppy


Puppy B (4,0)


Lovely to have 3 promising puppies – not so lovely to have to place them in order. I am sure that these 3will change places many times as they grow and develop.

  1. Grierson & Beaucroft Kennels BEAUCROFT BOTH SIDES NOW – Lovely head and expression, good pigment, well balanced, nice length of rib with correct coupling, good quarters, at 10 months obviously got some maturing to do but has plenty of time, moved well for age.


  2. Handley & Petterwood’s GILTEDGE MADAM BUTTERFLY – 8 months balanced head, presented a lovely balanced outline and overall has good construction. Still needs to tighten in movement.

  3. Binn’s BLAZENGOLD LEGENDARY BEAUTY – another promising baby with nice proportions and a lot to like.


Junior B (2,1)


  1. Binns’s BLAZENGOLD INDUSTRIOUS ONE – pretty girl of 11 months, lovely head and expression, good front and topline, correct length of back good quarters but tends to sink into them which can make her look a little over angulated, well shaped feet. Moved OK


Intermediate B (4,1)


A lovely class and I was splitting hairs


  1. Stephenson’s AUST CH FETCHNPOINT YOU AND WHOSE ARMY - balanced bitch, typical outline with good proportions, very feminine head with appealing expression. Correct neck going into good shoulders with a straight front, good topline, well bent stifles with good tail set. Moved truly with drive. Held off strong completion to win the Res CC, her strong quarters with no sign of weakness in the hock giving her the edge today. Also Best Intermediate.


  2. Morrison’s KAPARLA TOTAL RECALL – another nice bitch and many of the above comments apply very much my type and presented in excellent condition. Although true, just not quite moving with the purpose of 1 today.

  3. Binns’s AUST CH BLAZENGOLD POCKET ROCKET – completed a lovely trio, much to praise and little to criticize I just felt looked slightly immature compared to the girls above but a 2 still very young.



State Bred B (4,1)


  1. Morrison’s KAPARLA GOT YOUR BACK  - 21 months, beautifully balanced bitch of lovely proportions, so feminine with a gentle intelligent head and expression, correct length of neck, sufficient shoulder angulation, correct length of back, well angulated quarters. Moving truly with drive, she occasionally lost synchronisation with her handler but certainly did enough to show her accurate movement, I was amazed to find out afterwards she was at her first show. When judging I always believe you are required to give the awards to the best one there – irrespective of whether you would take it home – when you would it’s a real bonus! She is not flashy or exaggerated but biddable, strong, balanced and to me a real Golden Retriever. Delighted to give her the CC and BIS.


  2. Binns’s BLAZENGOLD DIVINE REBEL – unlucky to meet 1 , very sweet bitch of correct size, nice shoulders, level topline. Good bone and tight feet, moved OK.

  3. Bliss’s OCEANVIEWS TAKE METO THE PLAZA – very balanced with lovely proportions, well made with good muscle she has much to like. Lacking maturity at present but not yet 2 so plenty of time to fill out as I am sure she will.


Australian Bred B


  1. Beaucroft Kennels’ BEAUCROFT DEVIL WEARS PRADA – happy well balanced girl with sweet head & expression, good straight front, good shoulder angulation, nice short back, correct tail set, excellent side gait. In consideration in the challenge


  2. Grierson’s AUST CH NARAGOLD GEORGIE GIRL-balanced head, good neck & shoulders, firm well-angulated quarters. Just a little longer than 1 which was the deciding factor.

  3. Morrison’s KAPARLA JUST BECAUSE – feminine head with sweet expression, construction generally good. Not yet 18 months & a real teenager so needs time to mature,


Open B (3,1)


Two very nice bitches 1 excelled in hindquarters, 2 excelled in shoulder construction and their movement up & down reflected this. Both looked good in profile covering the ground well. Both balanced, short coupled, level topline. Personal preference for the femininity of 1 tipped the balance but do watch her weight.

  1. Stevenson & Beaucroft Kennels AUST CH BEAUCROFT FAIT ACCOMPLI





  1. Binns’s AUST CH BLAZENGOLD INNOCENT EYES – loved this bitch of 10˝, very nice size, lovely head & expression, well balanced with good topline, good bone & neat feet. Correct shoulder & lovely quarters. Moved well. Was in strong consideration in the challenge. Best Veteran in Show




  1. Grierson’s AUST CH GOLDLAKE SUMMER BREEZE – pleasing feminine bitch, maybe a little long but held her topline, good front & well bent stifles. She has kept the weight off & her coat is very nice with no sign of wooliness. Moved with drive & enthusiasm.


Helen Almey (Judge)











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