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 The Tasmanian Golden Retriever Club Inc


(Golden Retrievers only)

Saturday 4th June 2016

JUDGE & ORDER OF JUDGING: Mrs. M. Hean (NZ) Arangold GoldenRetrievers
 - Breed Classes:  Dogs, Bitches and Show Specials.

Photos to follow soon.


Baby Puppy Dog 1/1      

1              Giltedge Cats In The Cradle  K. Handley *


Puppy Dog. 1/1

1              Kaparla From the Flight Deck (AI) Mrs. H. Morrison


Junior Dog 1/1

1              Kaparla Call  the Cops (AI) Mrs. H. Morrison *


Intermediate Dog 2/2

1              Ch. Kaparla Game Plan Mrs. H. Morrison *

2              Tashanbrue Eger To Fly L.Rand


State Bred Dog 4/3

1              Ch. Tweedwater Royal Fusilier J & D Wadsley*

2              Kaparla Chainti Classico Mrs. H. Morrison

3              Goldake Its About Time J. Jeffrey


Australian Bred Dog 2/2

1              Beaucroft Show Me The Way  J. Grierson            

2              Kaparla Ready Aim Fire  Mrs. J. Laker


Open Dog 3/2

1              Ch. Giltedge Do You Like Apples (AI) K.Handley & S Stephens *

2              Ch. Oceanviews Happy Days J. Bliss


Veteran Dog 2/1

1              Gr. Ch. Giltedge The Poet  Beaucroft Kennels & J & D Wadlsey *


Challenge Dog                   Ch Giltedge Do You Like Apples (AI)

Res Challenge Dog           Kaparla Call the Cops (AI)


Neuter Dog 1/1

1              Goldlake Cause Im Happy  Ms. C Grubb



Baby Puppy Bitch 2/2

1              Beaucroft  It Had To Be You Beaucroft Kennels/ J & D Wadsley

2              Fetchnpoint Call Her Squishy S Stephens/T.Platt


Minor Puppy Bitch 2/2

1              Kaparla Safe Onward Journey (AI) Mrs. H. Morrison *

2              Heathbrook Love Me Do J & D Wadsley


Puppy Bitch 2/2

1              Naragold Coco Chanel  J Grierson *

2              Giltedge When The Cats Away  K Handley

Junior Bitch 2/2

1              Goldlake Be Happy  J Grierson

2              Oceanviews Thas Amore  J Bliss


Intermediate Bitch 5/5

1              Ch. Giltedge Madam Butterfly (AI)  K Handley

2              Heathbrook Live The Dream  J & D Wadsley

3              Kaparla Mission Accomplished  Mrs H. Morrison


State Bred Bitch 3/2

1              Kaparla Luna Mission  K Gardner

2              Goldlake Springtime Story  J Grierson


Australian Bred Bitch 4/2

1              Ch. Goldlake Happily Ever After  J Grierson *

2              Thorclan Odd's On Favourite  S Charlton


Open Bitch 4/4

1              Ch. Giltedge There's A Butterfly (AI)   K Handley

2              Ch. Naragold Georgie Girl  J Grierson

3              Ch. Kaparla Total Recall  Mrs. H. Morrison


Bitch Challenge                 Ch. Giltedge There's A Butterfly

Res Bitch Challenge         Ch. Naragold Georgie Girl


Neuter Bitch 4/4

1              Ch. Kaparla Got Your Back (AI) Mrs. H. Morrison

2              Ch. Kaparla On A Mission  Mrs. H. Morrison

3              Giltedge Evita  J & D Wadsley



BEST IN SHOW                               Ch. Giltedge Do You Like Apples (AI)

Runner up to Best In Show          Kaparla Call The Cops (AI)


Best Neuter In Show                      Ch Kaparla Got Your Back

Runner up Neuter In Show          Goldlake Cause Im  Happy          


* Denotes Class In Show

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