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Judge: Mrs Jean Griggs (UK)

Critique for Dogs

Baby Puppy: 

1st   #1 Oceanviews What Times Lunch: Absolutely lovely well grown puppy. Happy and confident. Moved well for age. Lovely angulation with good topline and tailset, super head with dark pigment. Very promising indeed.

Puppy Dog:

1st   #3 Oceanviews Double O Seven: Nice gold puppy with pleasing outline. Moved well. Preferred set in of neck to shoulder to the second placed dog. Good straight front, head not finished as yet but very pleasing.

2nd  #4 Fantango Reach For The Sun: Very happy golden in lovely blond coat, a little longer in the coupling than the first but lots to like and will I’m sure swap places with the first placed dog. Handler over stretched him a little which lost his topline.

Intermediate Dog:

1st  #5   Kaparla From The Flight Deck (AI): Blond, well presented dog with lots to like. Would have preferred him a little shorter but lots to like. Good bend of stifle and well shaped head. Thought he looked right for age.

2nd   #6  Kaparla Call The Cops (AI):  Attractive blond dog but a little unsure of things today. Handler overstretched him a little which lost an excellent bend of stifle.

State Bred Dog:

1st  #7  Grand Ch Tweedwater Royal Fusilier:  Good bend of stifle, neat feet and moved well. Strong head but with pleasant expression. A little more trimming needed on his neck I think.

2nd  #8  Ch Tashanbrue Eager To Fly: Very attentive to handler and showed well but a little loose on the move and a fraction heavy over the shoulder. Good head with with kindly expression.

Australian Bred Dog:

1st   #11  Ch Giltedge Do You Like Apples (AI):  Flew his tail a little on the move but covered the ground well. Well shaped head and nicely balanced outline. Good straight front and neat feet.

2nd  #10  Ch Oceanviews Happy Days: Older dog just beginning to show his age a little. Nice outline and good bend of stifle. Front movement accurate but rear movement not so good.

3rd  #12  Ch Kiriel In My Fathers Eyes: Good dog in good coat, nice head with kindly expression. Again front movement better than rear but a nice dog with a balanced outline.

Open Dog:

These three were all very nice examples of the breed and I was splitting hairs to place them in this order.

1st   #15  Ch Kiriel Il Divo: I felt this dog moved the most correctly of the three. A strong head but not overdone and with a kindly expression. Good ben of stifle, straight front and short in the couplings.

2nd #14  Supreme Ch Chaleur Hilfiger: Very nice head and expression. I thought he was a little wide in front which showed in his forward movement, but a good bend of stifle and level topline helped give a pleasing picture in profile.

3rd  #13   Ch Fantango Playing The Game: Another beautifully presented dog but a little longer in couplings. Neat feet, nice head and expression. He sloped off a bit in topline but was in lovely coat and condition and handled well.

Veteran Dog:

1st  #17  Ch Larbellah Team Leader:  At ten and a half one of the best movers of the day. Very well constructed throughout with good angulation both ends. Bite still correct as were all mouths today. Just showing his age a little but a credit to his owner.  BD and RUIS

Neuter Dog:

1st  #42   Aust Neut Ch Goldlake Cause Im Happy: Nicely constructed dog with good positive hind movement. Very nice head and expression but just a tad high in tailset. Would prefer him a little less heavy.

Critique for Bitches

Baby Puppy Bitch:

1st  #18  Oceanviews Puddle Duck: Very lovely puppy, clearly litter sister to the B.P.D. Very balanced and happy but reluctant to move today. Very promising shall watch both of their progress with interest.

Minor Puppy Bitch:

1st #19  Kiriel Kiss For Pink: Moved well for her age with good length of neck and correct level topline and pleasing head. A bit straight in upper arm at the moment but this has time to change.

Puppy Bitch:

1st #20  Tweedwater Bohemian Rhapsody: Blond well grown puppy with much to like. In good coat and condition but not as confident as some. Pretty head with good pigment, neat feet and a straight front.


Junior Bitch:

1st  #22  Ch Chaleur Say My Name(AI): Very nice bitch indeed. Blond and beautiful. So balanced with good angulation, level topline and moving so sell today. A very bright future I think. BB and BIS

2nd   #23  Goldlake Change The Story: Another pretty bitch let down like so many today by sloppy front movement. Well angulated, straight front and lovely level topline.

Intermediate Bitch:

1st #25  Giltedge When The Cats Away: Blond balanced girl, enthusiastic on front and rear. Pigment not as good as some but well constructed throughout, liked her a lot.

2nd  #27   Naragold Coco Chanel (AI): Lovely topline on this girl with balanced angulation, again front movement not the best. Straight front very confident and happy.

State Bred Bitch:

1st  #28  Oceanviews Take Meto The Plaza: Gold bitch with good topline and moved well. Neat feet, good straight front and straight rear pasterns. A very sound bitch that I liked a lot.

2nd   #30  Goldlake Springtime Story: Very nice girl but would prefer slightly longer length of leg. Strong rear quarters and good shoulder placement. In good condition.

Australian Bred Bitch:

1st  #33  Ch Tweedwater Lady Marcia: Nice balanced bitch but not in full coat. Kind eye and good angulation. Moved ok.

2nd #35  Aust Ch Goldlake Happily Ever After: Very nice bitch who is well balanced throughout but badly let down by “paddling” in front movement. Happy and confident.

3rd #32   Aust Ch Kaparla Lunar Mission: Lovely presentation, good neck and shoulder. Thought her a little over angulated at the rear end. In lovely condition.

Open Bitch:

1st  #37  Gr Ch Fantango Stack The Deck: Super blond bitch who moved well. Good balance, correct bone, straight front and well made throughout.

2nd  #40   Aust Ch Naragold Georgie Girl:  Sweet expression, neat feet and a lovely level topline. Didn’t move quite as well as the first placed bitch.

3rd  #39   A Ch Thorlan Odds On Favourite: Well angulated girl but today was very short of tummy feathering which spoilt her outline. Very pleasing head.


Neuter Bitch:

1st  #43 Ch Kaparla Total Recall: Gold bitch in very good condition who moved well too. Sweet head with typical golden expression. Like her length of leg.

2nd #45 Ch Neut Ch Beaucroft Faith In You And Me (AI): Very good angulation on this girl. In good coat and condition and very animated. Just would have preferred a little more length of leg.

3rd  #44  Kaparla Raise The Bar: Sweet girl with well shaped body and moved well. A little narrow in the muzzle and not in her best coat, but very happy and confident.

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