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TGRC Breeders
The TGRC considers it imperative that individuals do their own research regarding Golden Retriever Breeders listed by the Club.
 PLEASE SMS ONLY as breeders only breed as a hobby and most work. 
Jan Grierson  Ph 0417 016159  SMS ONLY

Jenny Bliss  Ph 0431 866594  SMS ONLY


Lind Rand Ph 0419325643 SMS ONLY

John & Denise Wadsley  62487294  SMS ONLY

If any current financial members of the TGRC wish to advertise their names and details on this page, we ask you to contact the Secretary  for rules and conditions which apply.
Disclaimer:-  The Tasmanian Golden Retriever Club Inc does not express an opinion nor represent or offer warranty on any information or statements contained in any material relating to the above Breeder websites or Breeder Information;  including but not limited to statements made and written material as to the condition or attributes of any dog, as being correct; and we are not to be held liable or responsible in any way whatsoever for any errors or misleading information, statements or representations. The views of individual breeders and enthusiasts are not necessarily those of the TGRC.

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