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Club History

In July 1996 a small group of dedicated enthusiasts, interested in the
development of the breed via a Specialist Breed Club, got together and formed The Tasmanian Golden Retriever Club.  A Constitution was drawn up, and Executive and Committee duly elected.... and the Club was formed.

Its aims are to promote the beautiful Golden Retriever by offering a range of services to the enthusiast, breeder and pet owner alike.

The main objectives of the Club are:

*     To encourage responsible ownership of your Golden Retriever companion and pet.

*     To encourage the breeding and type of Golden Retriever as laid down in the Breed Standard.

*     To encourage the training and working of the breed.

*     To stress the importance of having all breeding animals screened for hereditary conditions  especially those of the hip, elbow, eye and heart.

*     To offer advice and support to members relating to any problems they may have in connection with the breed.

*     To run Specialty Shows, Agility, Obedience, Retrieving and Field

Members are asked to keep these objectives in mind and by careful, selective breeding practices, endeavour to produce a typical working gundog which fulfills the Breed Standard of strong conformation and stamina, minimize hereditary problems that are recognized in the breed, and above all a dog that possesses a correct friendly and kindly temperament which is such an essential characteristic of the Golden Retriever.

The Club aims to publish quarterly newsletters which contain information and articles relevant to the breed.  We also run events such as Fun Days, Quiz Nights, Grooming Sessions and Social Parades to which all new and intending members and friends are invited.

As the years pass and the Club progresses the goal is to hold a memorable National Championship Show in 2006.  We hold yearly Championship Specialty Shows already and encourage all new enthusiasts.

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